1,750 EUR
Cup-Start: 25.02.2013, 18:00 CET
Check-in: 60 minutes before start

237 of 256 possible teams take part
21 days ago

News: Vega strikes again in EIZO Cup #14

Team Vega win their second online tournament in a month, and maintain their reputation as being one of the hottest new teams. Reigning champions 4ASC were eliminated in the first round, and it was Basically Unknown who reached the Grand Finals of the EIZO Cup #14 yesterday, a team we tipped to be one to watch ahead of the playoffs. Read...
23 days ago

News: Can 4ASC defend their EIZO Cup title?

299 teams and over 1500 players participated in the qualifiers for EIZO Cup over the last two days, and with the four qualified teams decided, we can announce the bracket and the invites for the main event. Reigning champions 4ASC return for another bout with 4 Friends + Chrillee also set to make an appearance. More details inside. Read...
29 days ago

News: EIZO Cup #14 sign-ups now closed*

We're all buzzing off the DAC action, Treant Protector and Phoenix in EG versus Navi earlier today, SumaiL's Storm Spirit masterclasses and Secret's rampage through the tournament have left us dying to mimic their success. Luckily as the DAC ends on Monday the EIZO Cup #14 qualifiers will begin a few hours later, so get your team sorted and signed up! Read...
81 days ago

News: 4ASC takes EIZO Cup #13 by storm

The 13th edition of EIZO Cup came to an end last night with the grand final between
fi 4 Anchors + Sea Captain and relatively unknown bg Gplay. It was an intriguing series where all three games featured Phoenix and we got to see some truly excellent Storm Spirit plays from fi Mikko 'Vaalix' Ristimäki, who led his team to victory. Read...
83 days ago

News: Wagamama in action in EIZO Cup #13

Wagamama who yesterday announced he will playing with Complexity, should be in action later today as CoL are one of the eight teams participating in EIZO Cup #13. What is more his new team joins a bracket that features two of the teams that Wagamama commentated on during DreamLeague's Phase 2 last month. Can he take CoL all the way or should he stick to the panel? Read...
89 days ago

News: EIZO Cup #13 - Get your team signed up!

After the cracking EIZO Cup #12 finale that saw Team Tinker and 4ASC go head to head in an incredible match, we return for the next installment. The two-day qualifiers will start on Thursday this week, so get your team signed up as soon as possible to be sure to get a place. Get you and your team in the final four and you will join the main event. Read...