1,750 EUR
Cup-Start: 25.02.2013, 18:00 CET
Check-in: 60 minutes before start

237 of 256 possible teams take part
54 days ago

News: Glorious entertainment in EIZO Cup #12 Finals

The climax of the EIZO Cup #12 was glorious entertainment for the 20,000 or so viewers who tuned in live. Team Tinker and Trixi's 4 Anchors + Sea Captain (4ASC) put on a spectacle with the second game in the series going past the 80-minute mark with divine rapiers galore. Read...
56 days ago

News: Trixi to face Era in EIZO Cup #12

4ASC, the home of Trixi and his fellow Finns managed to pass through the qualifiers for the EIZO Cup earlier this evening. Ironically for "Finnatic" they have been drawn against direct invite Lajons, Era's new mix team, in the first round of the playoffs which kicks off tomorrow. Team Tinker and Power Rangers will also join the 8-man playoffs. Read...
60 days ago

News: EIZO Cup starts in less than 4 hours!

The EIZO Cup returns after more than half a year on the sidelines with a new and improved prize pool. If your team is itching to keep yourselves sharp after the groupstages of the jDL Season#3, the qualifiers for the Eizo Cup start on Monday. With all the changes in 6.82, you never know you might get lucky. Read...
294 days ago

News: Empire victorious at EIZO Cup #11

EIZO Cup #11 started with a new record amount of participants, and ended with a classic. ru Team Empire took its second EIZO Cup title after a 5 day competition with a total of 512 teams signed up for the qualifier for the first time. Read...
299 days ago

News: Invites & new schedule for EIZO

The qualifier of EIZO Cup #11 has concluded and strong teams such as eu hehe united, ru Duza, and ro Cede Nullis made it into the main round. They will now go up against the likes of world Speed Gaming and ru Team Empire. American topteams us eHug and us Sadboys are also among the invitees. Read...
306 days ago

News: Get ready for EIZO Cup #11

After ten EIZO Cup's were hold in 2013, our four day event has made it into the new year with its eleventh edition. With the well-proven format of eight invited teams facing against eight winners of an open qualifier, and a 1,750 EUR prizepool in the mix, the latest installment will kick off on Wednesday next week and finish at Saturday. Read...